New person with a question?h

Hi Iam slapshot fan , makes me a hockey fan and I have started to knit. I was going to try socks but the double pointeds are confusing me which is easy to do. How do you get started with the stitches??? it is most likely so easy that when I find out I will scream … but that is a risk I am willing to take… and I promise not to do it to loud… thanks for any help… this looks like a fun place…:cheering:

Welcome to Knitting Help!!

Hmm… Really there isn’t that much too it, but the great thing about KH is that people don’t mind if you scream aloud. :wink:

DPNs… Not sure what you are wondering… If you mean how to cast on DPNs, basically, you do something like this

That’s your needle. Cast on the sts you need on that needle.

This is what you have so far.

Now, add another one, but flag it so the tip of this one goes further out then the first.

Now keep casting on the sts you need… When you are finished with that needle you do this:

And c/o the other sts. If you are using 4 dpns, you do one more just like the ones before it.


Oh my … I have never heard of that way to cast on to DPN’s.
I cast all my stitches onto one needle then slip the number of stitches to each needle to make them even, or the number the pattern tells you for each needle.