New pattern

I have a pattern that reads p1, yfwd, k1. My question is if the yarn is already in front after the p1, how is the yfwd done? thanks for any help.

I would say it means yarn over. You take the yarn back to the back. Over the needle, so it leaves an extra stitch.

Without knowing the pattern though, this is just a guess. If there is a k2tog or something similar anywhere on that row, it would make sense.

In this case, yfwd is a yarn over. Purl the st then either leave the yarn in front and when you knit the next st the yarn goes over the needle for a YO. Or purl, then move the yarn to the back over the needle and knit the next stitch.

I am also doing a pattern like this, and I have been putting the yarn around to create a stitch. It is compensating for a ssk in the pattern.