New OT Forum: The Lounge

Late last year we decided to do an experiment on the forum and rolled the OT Forum it into the General Forum. This was the way OT was handled for the first couple years of KH, and we thought it would be nice to give it a try. But since making this change, we have heard some sentiments in favor of having a separate forum for OT. So we have brought it back from the deep freeze and decided on a new name, The Lounge:

Apart from the name change, the other change is this is now a public forum, whereas the old OT forum was private and only accessible by members. So anything posted in this forum is public. The KH forum is what Amy likes to call PG-13, so discussions should always be appropriate and respectful. Check out the guidelines or ask a mod if you have questions.

OT discussions in the general will most likely get bumped over to the lounge as we get things up to speed. So if you can’t find an OT post, be sure to check over there.

That about covers it.



Thanks Sheldon. Will you be moving OT posts found in General Knitting or other places over there? Would be a lot of work for you!

I have told the mods to move any active OT threads from general over there and I think they already took care of it. So if you are looking for an OT thread in the general forum, chances are it’s over there.

Between the fabulous mods and myself, it makes for fairly light work keeping this place running smoothly. :cheering:



I think they’re already moved…

Thanks so much! No offense to those who favor the two forums mixed, but I find it so much more user friendly to have a separate forum for the knitting and one for “OT.” :slight_smile: