New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama

My prayers really go out to those of you in New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama. This is going to be a really bad storm. I’m so sorry for what you are about to go through and I can only wish that you and yours remain safe. At a time like this, property doesn’t matter. Take care of everyone you can because you will all need it to survive this. Our hearts and prayers are with all of you, from my family.

My husband, his friends and co-workers, and many men and women, will be on their way to help you as soon as possible.

That’s so great of you! I live in Baton Rouge, and while we’re not in the desparate situation that New Orleans is in (mandatory evacuation??? that’s NEVER happened that I can remember)…it’s getting bad here too. But maybe that’s mostly because of the people coming in from New Orleans. I filled up my gas tank this morning and the only gas left anywhere was premium. Stores were packed last night and the pickin’s are really thin. My husband’s actually at the store now to get a few last minute things and he’s been gone for over an hour just to buy like 5 things. The interstates heading north are bumper-to-bumper. I’ve already worked out our evac route (on Baton Rouge surface streets) if it gets bad enough for us to leave. And every hotel all the way north to Jackson, Mississippi has NO vacancies. I’m mainly nervous because I’ve read some reports that say Katrina could follow the path of a hurricane 40 years ago that went straight up the Mississippi River. Or even worse…it could hit west of us!

Anyway, thanks so much for the prayers!

And on a lighter note, just to give you an idea of how devoted dh and I are to our “hobbies”:

-His response when realizing the potential disaster this could be for us: “Man, I better still get my basketball cards in so I can post them on eBay!”

-My response: “I only need light enough to finish my double-knit hat!”

:rofling: @ Bek

I hope it doesn’t get too bad for you there in Baton Rouge. I’ve been watching the live feed on since I don’t have cable tv. Please stay safe!!

Everyone else in the area, I hope you’re out or on your way out right now. This is supposed to be the worst storm to ever hit the U.S. Stay safe!!

My thoughts and prayers, as well.

My g’son was in Florida and made it home unscathed, thankfully. The irony of it is that my daughter/his mom’s name is Katrina.

They’re saying that Katrina could be the strongest storm in recorded history. My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone in her path. BE SAFE!!!

I’m adding everyone down there to my “please keep them safe” list. If damage has to occur, please let it be minimal and no harm come to any people… or animals too! I wish there was something I could do up here… take care and I pray that the storm doesn’t reach it’s predicted path or intensity :heart: :heart: :heart:


We here in NC are no strangers to the horror of hurricanes… Fran (cat 3-4 in '96) was an absolute doozy and quite devastaing to many - my family included. :crying:

I can’t even imagine what this one will be like… I lived near the coast during the mid-90’s and endured quite a few hurricanes and flooding… Those winds and that howling can be so scary… My heart goes out to those in the path of Katrina. :help:

I’m hoping for the best to everyone down there… (and waiting for the raging storms and flooding as the carcass passes by here tomorrow)…

fingers crossed


Hi! It’s Rebekah. Just thought I’d check in with my online family. We’re okay, although things are starting to get crazy and scary here in Baton Rouge. I really want to get my family out of state. Anyway, we’re out of power. It went out Monday morning, and Entergy is saying it will be some time between September 3rd and 10th that it will come back on. Fun stuff :rollseyes: It’s actually miserable. Fortunately I have a VERY hospitable friend (with power) that lives right around the corner that has very graciously taken us in for the time being. Anyway, I need to get going. Just thought I’d say hi!

Oh, and as far as the knitting…no power = sweaty hands = knitting nightmare. In other words, I’ve hardly gotten any done :frowning: Oh, the shame!!!

I’m so glad and relieved that you and yours are safe!

Bekah…its SO good to hear from you!

And, yes, this is what Ive been worrying about for all the folks in New Orleans, too…OMG ARE THEY ABLE TO KNIT!!! :rofling:

So glad to hear you are ok. Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers… My heart just breaks seeing the news so sad… prayers for all those in need… :pray:

Great to hear from you Bek. I have a friend on another forum who’s in Baton Rouge and her power must still be out too…haven’t heard from her since Monday morning. I’ve heard how Baton Rouge is now the largest city in LA. You said things are getting crazy and scarey there…any violence like in NO? Oh, I sure hope not. Glad you are able to stay with friends with power. Please give us another update when you can.

WE HAVE POWER!!! (And the crowd goes wild!!!) Yes, our power went on late last night and I’m home! Even though it’s been miserable, I have power and feel terrible for those who are in MUCH worse positions than we are. My first comment to DH when I found out we had power was…Maybe we can find a family to squeeze into our small 2br apartment, and the boys can sleep in our room. He said we should take it slow for now, a lot’s going on. Plus we REALLY need to be careful, no matter what. We’re constantly hearing police sirens, and things about robberies, gas siphoning (sp?), carjackings, etc. DH went to the store a little while ago (to restock our fridge from the things that were ruined due to the lack of power), but the boys and I stayed home because it just does not feel safe here. And we decided on a self-imposed curfew, and no leaving unless absolutely necessary even during the day. I went into work for a couple hours today (I worked a couple hours Wednesday and only again today…yet my work was SO KIND enough to pay us even though we couldn’t work–no power there either) and my boss has decided to carry a gun around with him. Actually, the friends we were staying with are frantically looking for one too. And DH wants me to ask my dad if we can borrow one of his.

I don’t think even the word crazy describes it. Two cities practically combined in just a few days. Crime rate is already noticeably (sp?) up. Schools are registering refugee children, so they’ll be packed (even though many are already housing evacuees). Churches are packed. Traffic is ridiculous. Malls are loaded with people looking for a place to relax without heat and with some semblance of normalcy. There are NO apartment vacancies (much less hotels), NO jobs that are not being taken (even minimum wage), and those who can are buying houses (mostly two or three families pooling their money to buy something outright) FAST. Like I said before, I’m scared and I want out. Besides, it would free up a job and an apartment for someone else.

Anyway, that’s just a general idea of the effects that aren’t really being reported very much.

And now some good news:

Monday evening I searched frantically for a drugstore that was opened and low and behold, I found one (FYI, the first power grids that are up and running in a situation like this are the ones that have hospitals on them)! Long story short…I’ve got a lil Aussie bun in the oven!
:smiley: :happydance: :smiley: :happydance: :cheering: :cheering:

Oh Bek! First, I’m glad your power is back on!!! That’s great news.

It sounds so dangerous there. I still haven’t heard from my friend in BR on my other forum. Getting very worried. Stay safe down there, I can’t imagine what it’s like.

Do you have any family you can stay with outside of LA??

From all the reports I’ve heard today, help is finally on its way. Way too late. I’m so sad for the people who are in such dire straits, and angry at the idiots who are shooting at rescue teams, for God’s sake. It will be a long haul and nothing will be the same again.

You’re smart to stay indoors, and hopefully the Nat’l Guard will settle things down.

And the Aussie bun–does that mean your pregnant??? Congratulations!!! Some good news among the bad. And all kinds of little things to knit!

Hang in there. It can only get better.

I missed the whole thing about the aussie bun…you’re pregnant!!!

Yes, that’s what it means! I can’t wait to knit the little Ugg booties! (I’m assuming it’ll be a girl, but we all know what assuming does :wink: ) Either way though, I can’t wait to make all the cute little things for babies that I’ve been wanting to find a cute little baby to adorn them.

I do have family in Utah, and I really want to go there. And DH’s family in Australia is apparently getting donations and pooling funds to try and get us preferrably there, but at least out of here. We would leave now if it weren’t for the fact that we have a whole legal issue with the boys’ dad. We’ll be working on that in the next couple days though. Prayers would be much appreciated!!!

Anyway, ttyl and thanks for the congrats!

Oh, and I feel bad that this thread has been focused on Baton Rouge (and me :oops: ). The people from and still in New Orleans are in EXTREMELY bad circumstances. Let’s all pray HARD for them! And donate ANYTHING we can…think the old cliche’: Every little bit helps!

OMG! That’s wonderful news! Congratulations!

Congrats!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

Yes, NO is extremely bad…I’m watching the news on NBC and fighting back tears. Breaks my heart when I see the kids especially.