"New" Options

So, my husband got me the Options and he confessed that he didn’t go immediately when I sent him the link so it didn’t work. I was confused so I checked it out. I had noticed that they came in this clear plastic zipper bag instead of the notebook thing I expected but didn’t think anything of it. Well, I went to the site and it lists the options as “new.” Is there anything else that has changed? Am I confused and they always came with this zipper pouch? Just curious…I don’t have any other way to look up the “old” version to compare.


Did you get the interchangable set? I just ordered/received mine 2 weeks ago and they came in plastic envelopes but with the black case separately.

It does look like they’ve changed the set to the zippered case instead of the notebook case.

I think that is all that has changed though… :teehee:it’s been so long since I ordered mine… I think the needle sizes are still the same and cables…I’ve seen mom’s plastic case with the harmonies…and didn’t care much for it… I need to buy another binder cause…mine is busting at the seams… I really like it and how I can keep everything organzied…looks like they won’t be back in till Feb. :shrug:

You can still order the binder case from them, it just doesn’t come with the set now. They probably had to do this to reduce expenses in lieu of raising the price.

I’m guessing you could buy one of those binder cases used from someone. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about them.

Myself, I love them! I even bought myself an extra one with some of the bigger plastic sleeves to hold all my fixed circs!

I like my binder case but the coils don’t work right and are constantly dropping the sleeves. They said they’d send me another one, but I assume the Christmas rush has left my replacement in the mail in somewhere land!

I just ordered mine, they have not come yet. But I did notice that they come in a pouch nstead of the notebook. You can purchase the notebook for $19.99. I’m going to wait and how the pouch works out before spending money on the notebook.

I’ve had mine for a while. When I first got them I noticed that the rings in the binder didn’t stay closed. I called them and they sent me a new one, told me to keep the old. I have found that if you put very much in the binder you will have the same problem as i did at first.

Thanks. I just couldn’t figure out why they were saying new if that’s all that changed. It’s totally not worth $20 for the notebook! If I really want something new, I’ll go to Hobby Lobby and get one of the Boye NeedleMaster cases (or throw mine into another bag and use that one.) I like it that it’s clear and has slots for a lot of needles, but I don’t know how I’m going to organize it yet…


I’m glad we ordered mine when we did then. I prefer the binder. I’d have selected differently slotted inserts (but, hey, that’s the aftermarket is for, right?) but I prefer the book-ish-ness of a binder.

I just got my set for Christmas, and mine came with the binder. I mentioned this post to my DH and we went and checked the Knit Picks site, and sure enough, they had it as coming with the zippered case. I guess they changed it after my DH ordered mine for me.

I just got a set for Christmas as well, and it came with the zippered case. My perfect-husband ordered just a few days ago though… :slight_smile: They must have made the switch recently. I love them though!!!