New NORO "To Die For"

I know. Not everyone is a NORO fan.
But if you are, you will D-I-E when you see the latest addition to the NORO fam!
Or if you are dying to find a new yarn for a new scarf, you’ll love this new NORO!

It’s called [B]RETRO. [/B]I haven’t been excited about a new yarn in a long time!

Here’s the story.

My husband had cabin fever yesterday. It was a sorta sunny day. He asked me to go for a drive around the Puget Sound area with him. He wanted to visit all of our old haunts: the neighborhood we were raised in (yeah, 6 houses apart); the schools we went to; the beach he proposed on; the church we went to as kids and got married in; the neighborhood we lived in as newly weds, the house we raised our 5 kids in…the whole nostalgia road!

To reward me (I cry on “nostalgia lane” drives) for going with him…he drove over to West Seattle,
and pulled into an LYS:[B] Seattle Yarn Shop. [/B](He’d seen it on his route before he retired.)

He even went inside with me and acted interested! We oogled yarn for an hour.
And that’s when I saw [B]IT.[/B]

Anyway, the interesting thing about the new RETRO: the colorwaves are all in the same color! I fell in love with color 06-dk greens. No matter what color you like, blues, greens, reds, hot pink, greys…
[B]the colorwaves are different nuances of the same color [/B]for the entire 110 yd ball. Some waves are even a tweedy version.

What an interesting concept! A NORO yarn that doesn’t mix in 6 “just because we can” weird colors ??!!

All in all…[B]you have to SEE IT to LOVE IT. [/B] :heart:

Color 06 below:
See the tweedy wave? And BTW, this 06 green “in real
life” is much darker, and the undertones are blue, not yellow.
It’s impossible to capture in camera what the eye really sees!

Webs has it, but to find it you have to type NORO RETROin the search bar.
If you click NORO from their listing, it doesn’t come up yet.

Ooh, cool! Just yesterday I was thinking that it is past time for me to take a ride out to WEBS and thought this weekend might be the perfect time to do it as my hubby was supposed to be going to VT for his annual ice-fishing trip. But, he ended up needing minor surgery on Monday and doesn’t feel like making the trip, so he’s gonna be home. I know I won’t be able to convince him to go with me (we [I]almost[/I] stopped there in the fall on our way back from a trip to PA, but had some delays and wouldn’t have made it by the time they closed). I’d love to take a good look at this Noro first hand!

What a nice story Artlady! Your hubby sounds like a true treasure :heart:

I love the colors! I will definitely order some of this… as soon as I figure a way to hide the prices from my husband who is already “Really? More Yarn?”

Nice, kind of a heathered effect.

You are a VERY BAD INFLUENCE, Dollyce, shame on you! Read your post,where you directed me right to the place of my downfall. I ordered two skeins of the same color for a scarf. I always need scarves, right? Think I’ll make the Tahki Yarns Pebbled Scarf from it.

I ordered the 06 green from Webs, they ought to give you credit for my bad behavior, and we ought to change your name from ArtLady to TemptationDiva. I’ll have no one to blame but you when my husband sees the Webs package arrive. :slight_smile:

You’ll thank me at the end of the day…but you can camp at my house if you need to! :wink:


It reminds me of the color my hair used to be, though not accurate to RL as you say.I used to have “natural” looking green hair; completely green but with high and low lights from the way I did it so it looked like it grew that way XD

Half considering redoing it just to have a matching heather sweater of great badassity.