New, new...what to do

Hullo! I taught myself how to knit earlier this year mostly from this website. It’s really a wonderful electronic place. My mom suggested that i try knitting as a stress relief (and it helped wonderfully during final exams this year) but i haven’t done anything really complicated. Basically i would put my headphones on and knit for an hour or so each day in the really mindless, all knit stitch pattern.

So now i have several long strips of knitted stuff that i don’t really know what to do with. I was just knitting for the therepy value, not for an end product. All of my strips are about the same width but with slightly varying legnths (though all around 4 feet). I guess i could have a couple of really boring scarves but now that i have more free time i want to make something out of them. Do you think it would be possible (i.e. easy for a beginner) to sew them together into a blanket sort of thing? The strips all vary in length by a few inches so i don’t know what to do about that. Or is there something else i could do with them? Sorry about the rather long-winded post, but my house is being overrun with unfinished knitwear and i need some suggestions!


You could take out your bind off and either make them shorter or knit more on to make them the same length and sew them together for a blanket. Or, even if they’re boring, knit scarves are warm.

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You could try making a freeform patchwork type of afghan. Just fit the pieces together as though they were a puzzle. Some lengthwise, some sideways. Then you could knit pieces to fit into any gaps or empty spaces you may have. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the welcomes and the suggestions! I think i’ll try to make a blanket but i’ve never actually sewn anything except for the odd renegade button or two. Is there a special trick to sewing together knit-stuffs or is it generally a “keep threading until they don’t come apart” thing? (woefully inept at most crafty things :frowning: )

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Have a look @ the mattress stitch video here (toward bottom of page)…this should help with seaming the strips together…I agree with knitaddict…freeform blankie :wink:

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Hi and welcome to KH! Knitting is great for the soul isn’t it?

So glad you discovered the therapeutic value of knitting! You’ve already gotten some great suggestions, so I’ll just say Welcome! :waving: