New needles

was in the yarn shop the other day spotted some needles, i asked the woman, she said they were plastic and reinforced with copper, so i thought i would try a pair and they were not cheap, but they were to bendy for me, i have ordered a pair of bamboo ones see how i get on with them, but probably end up just using my steel ones

I don’t care much for the plastic ones either. I enjoy the feel of wood or bamboo and they tend not to be a slick as metal needles. I love the KP Options and Harmony needles. They are just SO nice!

i cant wait for my bamboo ones to arrive:woot:

I don’t really like the bamboo ones. Maybe it is because I am not yet an expert in knitting. I prefer the Susan Bates ones, because the yarn slides on it (but not too much), it seems to be quality needles, and I like the colors they have.

I have the plastic DPNs and like those. I also have the KP Options Set in the Nickel. At the moment I only have one pair of bamboo needles, which I bought to finish the collar of a sweater. They have actually became one of my favorite pairs of needles. The other pair of plastic needles I have are 10" Us8/5mm which I use to knit dish cloths on.

I have some bamboo needles and I looove them! They’re light, not slippery, and I like the feel of them in my hands. Also good in winter when metal ones would be cold! :wink:

My Grandmother gave me some plastic ones and I’m not really comfortable with the texture…whenever I’ve got the choice I’ll definitely go with wood.

I’ve never tried plastic needles, because I’m addicted to metal ones. I love the feel of wood and bamboo, but I knit too tight and usually end up having a hard time with them. Having a variety is good idea though, IMO, because sometimes you just feel like something different.