NEW: MMMMMMMalabrigo Laceweight!

I was just browsing Webs because I don’t want to work and no one is here. :teehee:

And I decided to drool over the malabrigo…and I’m glad I did!

They know have lace-weight malabrigo!!!. 470 yards/50 grams, for $11 a hank! :passedout:

I need some…i really need some…it’s beautiful :heart:

I’ve wanted to knit a shawl for myself… this may just be the incentive I need!

I’m now $60 poorer than I was before I posted that. :rofl:

:heart: Now even more yarn that I want.

Must…not…give…in…AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! :passedout:

You evil, evil woman. I’m trying to be GOOD!!! Now there’s another yarn I have to have. :inlove: :drool:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx


I got tuareg and cuarza, a skein each, plus 2 of Autumn worsted, and a skein of Misti Alpaca, but I can’t recall what colorway on that one. :teehee:

I want it!! To bad I went nuts at my LYS yesterday…

What are you guys planning to make with this stuff? I want some, just because it’s mmmmMalabrigo, but I have a couple of hanks of lace weight KP yarns and still haven’t found a pattern I like for them. I think I might just not be a lace knitter. :pout:


Now I just need some $$$. :verysad:

STOP!!! STOP!!! Taunt me no more!!! :hair: :gah:

I’m going to be good. I will be good. I’m not going to buy it. hyperventilate

Phew!! pant Ok. It’s ok, it’s passed. :angelgrin: :teehee:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx


Beautiful! I want some!!!

Just ordered me 3 hanks. What a deal!

what do you use laceweight for ( uuu :oops: besides lace??)

You can only use it practically for lace knitting.

I’ve been a lace knitter for many years and I really don’t like the Knitpicks lace yarns much. I might have been put off lace too if they were the first yarns I tried to use.

I’ve not used the Malabrigo but what I would recommend is get yourself some Jaggerspun Zephyr. It’s the gold standard for laceweight yarns. The stuff is beautiful, it’s got great stitch definition, blocks like a dream and is only a few dollars more than the Knitpicks yarns.