New Mmmmm acquisition!

I’m going to be making the animal cracker hat from Charmed Knits (a hat Ron wore during a scene) and I just got my Malabrigo Grueso from Webs!!

(I feel rather heretical saying this, but regular Malabrigo is much softer than this. But, this is still really lovely and squishy and not at all scratchy. So, I still love it.)

The colors are Natural, Torero (the red), Lettuce (the light green), Olive (the dark green), and Black. I think they match the hat soo perfectly.

Oh how I love Malabrigo…

i have the grueso in a burgundy and tan (apple cinnamon) and i have to agree. it’s not nearly as soft as i had imagined. i’m hoping it will soften up once it is knit.