New MKAL pattern, Completely stumped

So I thought it would be a good idea to finally try a Mystery Knit Along pattern. Bought the kit, waited with great enthusiasm, and finally received the yarn and pattern. Fast forward to today when I decided to sit down and start. For some reason I can’t understand the beginning of this pattern!

[B]Set up Row 1: SL1KW WYIF, PFB, P1
Set up Row 2: SL1KW WYIB, K1, KFB, K1
Set up Row 3: SL1KW WYIF, P2, PFB, P1

Row 1: SL1KW WYIB, K1, *SL1PW, K1, YO, PSSO. Repeat * to last 2 sts. KFB K1.
Row 2: SL1KW WYIF, Purl to last 2 sts, PFB, P1.

Repeat rows 1&2 until there are 28 sts on the needle.[/B]

So my issue is this… I do the three set up rows and end up with 6 sts total. Right? Then on to the “actual” Row 1 and I need 7 stitches to be on the needle? (also, the pattern notes that the YO is to be a double YO). I’m just not understanding how I’m supposed to go from Set up Row 3 to Row 1 if I don’t have enough stitches. And it doesn’t specify YIB or YIF for the slipped purlwise stitches in Row 1. Am I crazy? Am I overthinking? Am I doing something totally green that a professional will quickly correct? Yeah, probably…

Hi and welcome!
Yes, 6sts at the end of set up row 1 but Row 1 only needs 6 sts to start. The yo doesn’t use a stitch. You just bring the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the right needle and to the back. Maybe that’s causing the problem?
The yarn should be in back when you slip 1 pw on Row 1.

Woke up fresh this morning thinking I’ll look at it and see something new. Nope. :wall:

[B]Row 1: SL1KW WYIB, K1, *SL1PW, K1, YO, PSSO. Repeat * to last 2 sts. KFB K1.[/B]

I have six stitches on the needle when starting. I slip one, knit one, slip another, knit another, YO to add two, then pass slip stitch over. So I’m only ending up with enough stitches to Knit one front and back, not to finish with a single knit stitch. I think I’m doing a stitch wrong? I’ve been looking at the pattern for an hour, and I’ve started it two dozen times and still get stuck on the same part. The only thing new to me is the PSSO, but I’ve watched just about every instruction video I could find and I could swear I’m doing it right. Really feeling stupid right now because I KNOW there’s something I’m missing here…

It [I]is[/I] frustrating, I’m sure. For the instructions in the repeat:
*SL1PW, K1, YO, PSSO. Repeat *
slip one pw, knit one, yarn over, pass the slipped stitch over the yarn over and the knit one. That’ll take 2sts: the slipped one and the knit one.

Row 1: SL1KW WYIB, K1, That requires 2sts
*SL1PW, K1, YO, PSSO. Repeat * That requires 2sts
KFB K1 That requires 2 sts.

Yes! Thank you! The way you explained it was so easy to understand. I thought the PSSO was to slip one, knit one, then pass it over. Now I know it’s to pass a previously slipped stitch over the stitch(es) in the pattern between the SL and the PSSO. BRILLIANT explanation! I do believe you have preserved my sanity. :woot:

Great news!
Enjoy knitting your project and let us see it when the mystery is over, please.