New Mexico?

Anyone here in the Albuquerque area???

Not in Albuquerque, but I am in NM (Tucumcari). I just went to Village Wools for the first time yesterday and I :heart: :heart: :heart: it! It’s the most awesome yarn store EVER. If I lived in Albuquerque, I’d probably be at Village Wools all the time and completely broke in no time. :teehee:

Yea I know, I’m only 20 min away, I have to hold my stering wheel away from their direction at the intersection. jk You should have seen the tiny shop they used to be in, this one is easily 4 times bigger. And just think they moved all this stuff from the old shop. Have you been to the one in Taos? I think it’s called Sunflower Market. I want to go up there.

No, I’ve only been to Taos once and that was before I was a knitter. I’d love to check it out though. We had a great time when we went up there and have been talking about going up there again. Now I have even more reason. :smiley:

My yarn greed got me stuck in Moriarty though. I wasn’t planning on going to Albq. that day, but my dad told me if I went with him, he’d buy me yarn. So I went. By the time we tried to get home the I40 was closed. I told him if I’d have known that was how it was going to turn out, I would have made him buy me more yarn. :teehee:

sounds like a plan to me, I haven’t been to Moriarty’s yarn store either. Grew up 10 miles south of Tijeras, about 16 miles outside of Albuquerque, now I live in Rio Rancho, NW of Albuquerque. Have you always lived in NM?

No, I was born in Sacramento. We didn’t move to Tucumcari until I was 14. I got married at 18 and my husband was in the navy so we moved to San Diego. For the last 3 years he was stationed in Lemoore, CA. He just got sent back to San Diego, but is going to be deployed in a few months, so we decided the best thing for me and our daughter to do was just to come here and stay with my parents until he gets back. This way we can get our bills paid off and start saving for a down payment on a house.

sounds like a good idea to me, how old is your dd?

She’ll be 13 in Feb. I’ve tried to get her to let me teach her to knit but she says it’s “too girly”. Rotten little brat. Do you have kids and if so have you taught them to knit?

my kids are a ds that will be 3 in April and a dd that will be 9 months on the 12th. my son thinks he knit/crochets when I do but he’s just wrapping the yarn around and around. I gave him a skein of red heart (my least fav. yarn to knit with sinci I’ve found others) and he thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips.

If I’d have looked at your sig, I would have realized you had kids. Duh. :doh:

That’s really cute. Too bad I didn’t knit while Krysten was young. I probably could have gotten her into it. :teehee:

how’s that lovely snow? we have 13" in Rio Rancho & 16" in the Albq. foothills

Ugh. I am SOOO over the snow. It was nice at first but then it just wouldn’t stop. It’s been kind of warm the last couple of days and most of the snow finally melted (except there was still quite a bit in shady places). And now it’s snowing again. I know it’s not supposed to be as bad, but I’m tired of the snow. :roll:

Hi! I live in Rio Rancho also! How cool is that? I am loving the snow. I couldn’t get out of my driveway for days and now it’s coming down again. Woo Hoooo!

I grew up in ABQ! I miss Village Wools…

Who volunteers to fax me a snowball? :rofl:

snow’s pretty hard with ice right now, and we’re up to 50degrees!!! melting fast. Wish I could send you some snow, I’d love to get rid of it, but you have to promise to take the mud too.

I live in Taylor Ranch and I am so glad that the snow is almost completely melted over here!

I can actually see the ground now. Just a few bits of ice here and there left. But now my dirt roads are all mushy. :wall: But I am still hoping for at least 1 more big snow. :eyebrow:

I don’t want another BIG snow, but a couple inches would be ok. maybe this weekend, they’re forcasting some.

I saw that. I’m really not wanting more snow. The forecast says we’re supposed to get snow Friday, Saturday and Monday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t actually get it though.

I’ve been wanting to go out of town but it seems like the weather has been bad every weekend for the past month.

Snow’s coming down! :cheering:

sorry…I know I must be the only nut who is :happydance: