New memeber

Hi everyone,

I love the look of items that have been knitted and really want to start. I just joined the community and have no idea what to do know can anyone help.

Kniiting MAMA

:rofl: first welcome to the forum :woot: have you looked at any of Amy’s videos up top? There is the Basic techniques that will help you figure out Castons and then the method of knitting you would like to learn… if you have any questions please post them cause someone will be here to answer… and get ready to become a knitting addict :blooby:

nope didnt even know there was video…it looked like a good site for the clueless in the area. I dont even know what “equipment” to get or anything…so im game to looke at the videos if they’ll help.

thanks so much for the quick response!!!

Knitting mom.

:waving: Welcome Knitting MAMA. What would you like to do? Maybe a wash cloth or two. Perhaps a scarf? Or a poncho? If you have a little one there’s a really nice and easy poncho on the getting started page of this site. You could also tell us a little about yourself if you would like.

Nadja xxx

“knitting Mama” doesn’t know how to knit?
Well, welcome to aboard :hug:

well, i have a 2 year only named savannah-rose and a 4.9 year old named River ofdestiny. and we are getting ready to move to the country :cheering: and i can hardly wait to start doing more crafts and crocheting etc. I’ve wanted to do knitting, but it really has intimidated me… but i think if i can get “plugged in” with a good group then i can over come that. And hopefully, i’ve found that here

Welcome knitting mama! This is definitely the place to come to when you have questions!

Welcome I am new here too. They are all very helpful here and so friendly :hug:

I am just starting to knit again after a long time of not doing it.

You have definately found a fantastic knitting site I love it :heart:

Nice to meet you.

:hug: Sharon

If you’re looking to learn to knit, this is the place! Welcome!

Welcome! If you’re just starting, I’d recommend getting some US size 8 straight needles and some worsted weight yarn. Then watch Amy’s videos on Casting on and the Knit Stitch – before you know it you’ll knitting all kinds of stuff!

Welcome! You found the perfect place to learn :slight_smile: