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I’m new to the Forum, and am looking forward to exchanging ideas with other knitters. I do some charity knitting for Afghans for Afghans and some local groups. Before the holidays, I knit sweaters for my two grandchildren, and worked a bit too steadily on them. The result is a pinched nerve in my left arm, but it is improving as I take the knitting in shorter sessions:::wink: nan jake

Welcome. You’ll find lots of great people here. They are a very supportive group, tons of help and great cheerleaders.

Welcome! :slight_smile: This is a great board. I hope you’ll post pics of some of your projects- we love pictures! :slight_smile: Hope your pinched nerve is better soon!

Welcome to our knitting family. A pinched nerve is so painful. I hope it heals soon. There are a lot of knowlegable knitters here and lots of charity knitting groups as well. We’d love to see some pictures of your knitting.