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Hi I am new to this forum.I am from the south coast of England.I have 9 g/children which includes 2 set of twins.I have knitted from an early age and I would love to learn to crochet. At the moment I am knitting sweaters for my daughter’s twin boys aged nearly 3 and have completed 5 chistmas stockings recently. I have a dog of 20 and a cat aged 16.


Welcome to the site!

Welcome!! You’ll love it here! :slight_smile:

Hello. :waving:

Hi and welcome. Would love to see some pictures of your finished projects.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

Welcome ! The Lion yarn Brand website has a Learn to Knit or Crochet for free but you need to register it is free.

Welcome to the asylum, errr, I mean the site!

Welcome to KH! :slight_smile:

Hello. It’s a great site.:thumbsup:

Hi and welcome. I’m going to be visiting England in May for a couple of weeks. I can’t wait! I have some friends in Derby (Darby??) that my sister and I will be staying with. Hope to find some nice yarn while I’m over there. Can’t wait!

hello and welcome!:mrgreen: