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hi there, i’m gothie.

28 yr old scottish lass living in France, married and have a wee boy of 5.
I teach english as a second language, and spend the rest of my time at home.

I’m very new to knitting, my first project was a mutated disaster, but that’s ok, my hubby wears it anyway * scarf* right now i’m trying to get my head round ribbing, but despite the vids and my best efforts, it still looks like the cat attacked my knitting. :teehee:

so far i’ve learned some new stiches and cast on’s, but still trying to get to grips with reading an actual pattern.

Anyway, hello to all, and i hope to find a few friends here and learn a great deal more.


Welcome welcome!!! :waving: You are fast on your way to becoming a knitaholic like the rest of us. :mrgreen:

Hi there–hang in there–it does get better! I think the best way to tackle pattern reading is to grab a simple one and a computer. Do as the pattern says and if you come to an abreviation you don’t know–look it up on this site and watch the video. You’ll soon be on your way to reading patterns like a pro!

Welcome to the forum!!

Welcome. I know how you feel. I am still in the midst of my first mutated disaster. :rofl:

Don’t worry, a little practice and you’ll be a knitting pro!

And welcome to the forum :hug:

:waving: Welcome Gothie, don’t worry it gets easier.

Where in France are you?

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

hay guys, thank you for the warm welcom. i know i’m going to enjoy it here.


hi Nadja, thanks, i hope it does, the rib is starting to frustrate me, so im leaving it a few daysn the go back to it.

currently we are in the south of france, in saintes Maries de la Mer, the bouche du rhone area. very touristic, but it’s nice all the same.

We are hoping to move closer to Nimes, deffinatly my faveorite city so far over here.

While I never really cared for France on the whole, Nimes is nice.

It’s the architecture that i love, even the people are nice. Talk about a culture shock though, when i moved here from scotland, although in retrospect, being married to a frenchman should have prepared me LOL.