New Member Needs Help with Baby Sweater

I am a new grandmother and decided to knit a sweater for my grandson. Even though, I just knit a sweater a year ago, I found that I could not remember how to cast on using the "thumb"method requested in the pattern, so I went to the internet and discovered this site. I watched the video and it all came back to me.
But now I need more help.
The pattern says to stocking stitch until the work measures a certain length, ending with an rs row. Then I am to knit two rows and then I switch to the moss stitch.
My question is, the ending with the "right side"row…does that mean that the last row I knit is the right side row…or would it mean that I purl and end with the right side facing me. Most patterns I have done in the past usually had one end with the right side facing. This one sounds different. Any guesses.This is a Sirdar pattern #1562 for Tiny tots and I am making the hooded cardigan.

Can anyone help with this?

Yes, if it says end with a RS row you do that row so your next row would be on the WS.

That’s a cute sweater! Here’s the link in case anyone wants to see it.