New Member looking for information

Can anyone tell me about that chat room thing. I just had an conversation with a bot and I don’t know what to do with it. Can someone please explain what that is all about.

bot chats until others show

do they talk about anything?

The chat room is basically never used. A few people have tried but it doesn’t seem to get off the ground. The best you can do is perhaps to go into the ‘knitters near you’ forum and ask if people in your area would like to join you for a chat @ an appointed time…??
Or ask here and say you’d welcome a chat and would anyone like to join you “next…(and nominate a day and time)”

knitbot, talkes to you until someone else comes into the room. He/She is there to entertain you…which he/she does so well…

You can ask him:
For some gossip
Who made him
has he won any awards
what it is like to be a computer
How old he is.
How big or small he is…

We had a nice talked the other day…

I have actually found Friday nights to be busy in the chat room. Perhaps someone could schedule a standing Friday or Saturday night chat??

Susan, are you aware that the chatroom was re-vamped last week? It seems that the newer version is drawing more participation. Largley thanks to our amusing bot! :lol:

I love the chat bot! Its fun to go in there by yourself and have a convo with it.:teehee:

I actually had someone offer to leave so I could chat with the Bot! And, I did!! :slight_smile:

Ahh…well…no… I didn’t know the chatroom had been refurbished and Trump had flown his helicopter in grin Well, good to hear as a number of people seemed really interested in using the feature.

I might try it this weekend when I get all caught up on the boards and have nothing else to do. If I have the right software…