New member, knitting stitches off holder?

Hi my name is Di, I am new to knitting and learning as I go. I am making a earflap hat–
The part that says: cast on 23 sts, K23 earflap sts from holder, cast on 10 sts.
I don’t know how to cast on sts when there is knitting already on the left needle? and I don’t know how to Knit the 23sts on holder onto left needle that already has knitting on it, and then cast on 10 more sts? I am making this for my elderly mom to keep her head and ears warm. Please help.:knitting:

Sincerely yours,


You can use the knitted or cable caston. K 23 off the holder like it’s your left needle, move the right needle to your left hand and knit into the first st there, only put the new stitch on the left needle. Repeat until you have 10 new sts. Then swap the needle back to your right hand, and I believe you knit the 23 sts from the other flap, then CO 10 more and join.

Ok, unless you’re knitting left handed you knit onto the right needle not the left one. The holder would simply be used as if it were the left needle.

For casting on additional stitches you’d simply use the knit cast on method.