New member, first post

Just found this site and am excited to meet new knitters and share ideas. I’m a senior citizen who has been knitting and crocheting for over 60 years. I do charity knitting for our local hospitals, or did before Covid stopped all that.

Hope to meet and greet new friends in the coming days, weeks and months.



So glad you’ve joined us!!! I mostly knit baby blankets, wedding blankets and prayer shawls/blankets!! Squares and rectangles!!!

I’ve been enjoying the 10" of snow a recent storm brought us. How about you???


Welcome…so nice to know there is another very experienced knitter joining the group. I know I sure rely on this site when I get into a bind.

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Thank you all for the nice welcome to the site.

I usually knit clothing and blankets for premies at our local hospital (or did before Covid) as I said above. I also knit afghans for friends and charity and I love to knit sweaters. I also crochet but much prefer to knit.

I hope to be able to help anyone who asks for help with knitting problems.


Hi! I just joined too! I am looking forward to connecting as well. I originally found this website because I made a mistake on the sock I am knitting.