New Markers being made

Awww, thanks, Jodi!!!

Only a few more hours left in the sale, folks!

You arent selling the Swarovski ones for 8.88 (or whatever it is) are you?

I love my set - they don’t catch on anything and are so pretty they make me feel …special!

I sure am! They’re $8.80 for 3 more hours… see for pictures!

Glad you like yours so much!


I placed my order a few minutes ago. Glad I got on the ball with it before the sale ends. :wink:

Me too! I haven’t decided yet if they will be for me or for a secret santa gift :rollseyes:

OMG Denise, your stitch markers truly are GORGEOUS! :inlove: I’m continually impressed!

Thanks, Amy! As are yours, my dear!

I changed the subject line & first post in this thread to reflect the new goings-on over at my stitch markers blog! Check me out. :XX:

:heart: got them today! thank you bunches supercraftycoolwoman Denise!!! :heart: