New Markers being made

Hey yall…

Happy Thanksgiving, and here’s to a Happy Black Friday. You can see all of the details on my blog:



part 2
Hello Again!
The Black Friday sale was a HUGE hit. Thanks everyone for participating. It was great fun. You know the saying that all good things must come to an end? Well, I don’t believe in that saying! HOGWASH!

I have another deal going on for sets of 5 with the Swarovski crystals. Cheap price, Exquisite markers. Your husband e-mailed me and said buy as many sets as you want! Hurry before he changes his mind!

As before, I’d be glad to drop-ship these to your secret pal, your mom, your sister in New Mexico, and your Auntie Purl in Idaho. I’ll even send them to your B.F.F. Denise in Georgia, 'cause she can’t keep the stitch markers long enough to use any for herself.

Go here:
WHOOPS, I forgot about the DEAL! Refer a friend and get FREE SHIPPING. Just have your friend mention your name in the “Optional Instructions” feild when ordering, and on your order shipping is on the house. :slight_smile: Just do a gal a favor, and remind me when you place your order. I’m crazy, don’tcha know.

So black friday starts at midnight friday or midnight thursday? i just wanted to make sure! I love black friday! :thumbsup:

12:01 am Friday morning :O)

woohoo! I gotta send myself a reminder…

Is it only the Swarovski ones on sale, Deni-weni-poo?

KK, all of em are on sale!

hehe Jodi!


(Can I just place a pre-order and get it over with NOW??) :roflhard:

What is black Friday? :??

I found this on Foldedbird’s blog.


It’s almost time for Black Friday here on planet Knotty. Be the first to own my new Swarovski stitch markers. All orders placed between Midnight EST Friday and Sunday (night) 11:59/Midnight EST will be 20% OFF! (only sets of 8 will be discounted). I will be more than happy to drop ship your orders to your secret pal, family or friends.

Color choices will be limited, so please trust my judgement and let me select a lovely set for you. If you have a serious dislike of a particular color, we can come to a solution!

If you’re a previous customer, and have a ‘free ship’ notation in an invoice, please let me know when you order!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

yeah, what femmy said/asked.

Its the day after Thanksgiving…the day when most retailers’ financials come out of the RED and into the BLACK.

[color=violet]Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving when all the Christmas sales begin. The day when people all over America get up too early in the mornig to hit those 5am sales. People fight and bicker over sale items. It’s all very exciting. [/color]

Yes, it is! Please bicker and fight over me… TY Jan!

Here we have a sneaky peaky to get the party started. The set you will see is a set of 8. THIS set has colors like emerald, forest green, and burnt orange. Lots of silver (colored) spacers and varying sizes of rings to fit your needles.

Other colors that I have: blues (sapphire, indigo, etc.) purple (amythest) red (ya know, red?) greens (lots of greens) pinks/reds(like watermelon, cherry-quartz colored…no girly pink found here) etc. You can suggest a color, but I can’t promise that it’s the color that you will get…sorry about this temporary change, but it’s a clearance sale! Kind of like an ‘introductory price’. More info on the blog about this.

On to the pictures! Note about hte picture: I’ve only slightly enhanced this photo to get rid of the shadows. The colors you see here are only more deep and rich in person. NO flash used, only natural sunlight.

Swarovski RAWKS!

Those are so pretty! Where do you get those toggles?

It’s a secret! TY!

The sale has started!!! Get your markers while they last!

Oh. Duh. :doh: :wink:

hehe… I still love ya Jan! Groovy new avatar, too!

order placed!!!

Denise ROCKS!!!
I take these out and gaze at them :heart: :heart: :heart:!!!