New Magknits :-)

Hi all,

Don’t know if anyone’s said yet but the new one’s up, and much better than last time :slight_smile: I love two of the patterns…

THose socks look hard. The baby dress is cute. THe other stuff…eh

:yay: I like the socks…but that’s about it

ETA: :think: the charts are missing for the socks…

i like the socks and the vest. the baby top is cute. I like the new design of the site too.

I like the shrug and the socks, but that’s about it. The new design is nice, but they need a left side margin on their page. I know that’s kind of nitpicky, but having the text bump right up against the left side of the monitor is kind of hard on the eyes.

The baby dress is adorable

I like the vest a lot, and I love the baby shirt. I am fully eh on all the other patterns.

I like the stitch pattern in the shrug. I found I don’t look good in that type of shrug, but I could use the pattern in other things.

meh… i’m not in like with any of it.

Me, either. I don’t see anything very often there that I would ever make. :shrug:

Lately I’ve been incredibly underwhelmed with MagKnits… and that sucks cuz I always get my hopes up for like two weeks prior… eh.

That shrug will be mine! Everything else, eh. I hate the new layout too.

Very cool- I’m glad you posted this- I had never heard of it!

The top is cute but I’d definitely have to raise the neckline to suit. Love the socks and baby dress, too! Added my name to the mailing list. Thanks, Willowangel!

I think I like the shrug, I wish they showed a picture of the front. Every thing else is eh.