New Magknits

Really? 230 in the afternoon and nobody has posted that a new Magknits is up? Maybe i am only imagining that it is new…lol

Not a very big offering but there it is.

Thanks! I really like Devon. That would be great for the fall!

Thanks! I like both Devon and Stargazer, though I would probably make Stargazer in different yarns.

Thanks for posting. I love stargazer… Trying to see if I have any yarn to make it with… if not I might have to buy some…:yay:

I am Finnish up 2 summer sweaters and my second sock to the pair. Then I don’ t know what I was going to make. something with my new MMMMMaalabrigo yarn that I got on VAcation… other then that I don’t have a clue, so I might make the stargazer…

I quite like Stargazer… :smiley: mmm… black & red… :smiley:

I like the idea of black and red.

I like this pattern, I have added it to my never ending list of things to make.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW I love the idea of black and red. :think::think::think:

Devon = HOT

It’s on my list now :smiley:

i like devon and stargazer, and the little bag os kinda cute for a little girl

These patterns are great! I like this issue better than the last Magknits or the last Knitty.

I really like Stargazer. The size the model is wearing looks too big on her, though. The underbust band looks baggy. I wish I knew her bust size and what size she is wearing. I think I would make this more according to the measurements her schematic gives for the underbust measurements, the ribbon band. As it is, for example, if you are a 32" bust who is an A cup, her underbust band will have at least 5 inches of positive ease, and that’s just for an A cup. This one is definitely going on the list, though.

Stargazer seems like if someone saw you from the side with your arms up, they’d get a peek at some boob. It is pretty though aside from that.


Good point.

I adore Stargazer and would love to make it a white cotton. Mmmmm. :drooling:

It could certainly be customized to fit by making it to your underbust measurement, but not everyone who has a 32" bust is going to be a A cup. I dont understand what someones cup size has to do with a designer’s pattern sizing? Wouldnt it be impossible to factor that in, based on everyones different body types? I measure 37.5 in the bust, and on me thats a D cup. Someone else with that measurement could be a B cup and have a thicker back than me.

Well, everyone seems to know about this site. But not me! Thanks for the link, I shall go and visit it quite often. is it like knitty and updated every 3 months or is it a bit quicker?

i think they do monthy updates? not sure

yup… in general every month. There was a month with no update when the site owner had a baby but we forgave her for that i think! :wink:

I don’t think we have missed a month besides that one since i started knitting.

i love devon stargazer and even the jellyfish shrug! all so pretty and can be used into the fall!

If you are a 32" bust, it does not necessarily mean you are an A cup, no. But being an A cup means at least a 4 or 5" difference between your underbust and your bust. If you have a bigger cup size than this, the difference between your underbust measurement and the underbust measurement of the garment you knit (in relation to your bust size) will be [I]even greater[/I] than 5". For example, if you are a B it will be 6" and if a C than 7" and so forth, so I was just saying that the smallest difference would be 4 to 5".

Think of it like this. Cup sizes are measurements of the difference between the width across your bust and the width across your underbust. If the difference is less than 5 or 6", you are an A cup, 6-7", a B cup, and so forth.

Now, if you look at the design’s schematic and check the measurement of the underbust band, you will see that the underbust band measurement is the same as the bust measurement she tells you to knit for. That is, if you knit the size for the 32" bust, the underbust band will also be 32". Unless you actually have no breasts, one’s underbust size and bust size is not the same size. Even if you have small breasts, like an A cup, there is generally at least 4-5", which is what I was saying, and if you have a bigger cup size, the difference between your bust and underbust will be even greater. This is what I meant when I said at least a 4-5" difference. For you at a D cup, it will be closer to 8". But for no person is it 0", and this is all I was saying.

And in fact you can see this in the example the model is wearing as the underbust band is in fact sagging.