New Magknits

Magknits for March is up here.

I dunno…only 6 patterns?

I’m not too impressed. Some nice socks, but nothing inspiring to me.

6? Hey, what’s up with that? :??


I like the rainy day socks but agree that it’s a little disappointing…

Are knitters running out of ideas?

I just noticed that myself. Maybe it’s not all up yet? Since it’s the 1st of the month?

Agreed. :thinking: :shrug:

blahhhhhh :shrug:

wouldn’t it be cool if we had a KH e-Zine? :thinking:

That would be sweeeet! Hildie, why don’t you throw one together? :smiley:

Well…why don’t we?

It would be fun! :cheering:

I often think that since Magknits is put up every single month, that they don’t have time to put together a ‘thorough’ issue. :shrug: I dunno, just seems that they’ve been declining in recent months.

I thought they had pretty much gone to about 5-6 patterns per issue. I think that given the fact that it’s a monthly zine, that’s reasonable (and probably roughly equals what the quarterly publications do).

Hey! I like the idea of a KH e-zine. A lot of people here post their patterns, an e-zine would be a great way to have them all at the same place. :cheering:

Oh goodie! :yay: I was kind of kidding, but that’s okay, I’ll tell Amy there’s interest… We’ll see what happens!

I do like some of the socks in this issue, but not much else.

KH e-zine? Ooo I’d be willing to put some of my hat patterns on there if the plan does come together. :happydance:


This could be so much fun.

It’s not spectacular, but is nice. All in all, a little disappointing if you don’t/have not yet knit socks.