New Magknits

The August MagKnits is up…I didn’t see where anyone else had posted about it…so I am :wink:

Personally, I didn’t see anything that I have to knit right now…perhaps when the Knitty surprises are available :wink:

Yeah… Im thinkin “EH!”

yeah. me too.
nothing really good.

They can’t be serious about suggesting that you wear those wrist warmers from the homepage while knitting! :shock: Wouldn’t you be running the risk of accidently knitting the bits from it into your work?

On top of that, they look like she’s being attacked by a pair of mutant sea anemones. Oh well, they are dramatic, at least.

The Special Socks and Snowbaby Hat are cute though.


Well, blah. Good for the to-do list though. It hasn’t grown any larger today!

Ugh those wristwarmers are uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly! :rollseyes:

uuuhhh…yeah…not so much :rollseyes:

well they could be fun and weird little pompons for the football games…with more pieces added anyway… :rofling:

Hmmm. I kinda like the Chunky Funky bag – pretty colors. And the hat and socks are cute. Nothing I have to make though. Oh well.

Huh. Quite possibly the worst yet.

I am with all you guys … EH! :sunny:

Do you ever feel like you’ve seen the same pattern a few dozen times? :thinking:

I was thinking the same thing Aidan!

Yeah, that issue seems a little weak to me. Too bad. :frowning: But I guess you get what you pay for, eh?

:thinking: not too crazy about any of these…

Echoing previous sentiments. i.e., :?eyebrow: not impressed

Didn’t really see anything new in there… :frowning:

I like the chunky funky cable bag. :slight_smile: I wouldn’t really do any of the others, but thanks for the link. I think I might try that bag.