New Magknits!

Slinky Socks are a neat idea. My favorites are Calla and Lucky K8. Although I’ve never made armwarmers and probably never well!


Ummmm I love those lacy handwarmers, they’re so pretty!
Think I’m going tohave to add those to The List.


Love Calla!!!

Wonder if I could alter it for Hilde’s tank KAL . . . :thinking:

I’m :heart: :inlove: :heart: the wrist warmers & the socks…these socks are a very unique in construction :cheering: :happydance: …yippee!!!

Why is it that I’m only able to see the March 2006 issue?? I’m not seeing ‘Calla’ or anything else you all are talking about. :thinking:

Go the magknits homepage. Hold down your shift key, press the refresh button on your browser, and let the shift key go. That oughta do it. :wink:

Oh! Calla is beautiful! And the Lucky K8 fingerless mittens … Lovely! And those socks … makes me want to try making sock!!

walks away mumbling 'must finish projects … must finish projects …

Oh, I just love the dog collar!!! I’m going to the LYS today, I can’t imagine they would have that twine stuff it calls for though.

I :heart: Calla too, but does anyone else wonder how on earth you wear such a thing? I mean a bra kind of seems out of the question because of the straps, but without a bra, well, um :shock: . Let’s just say it’s a good thing that mannequins don’t have nipples. :wink:

I like the handwarmers and I especially love those socks! :smiley:

Thanks, that did it! :thumbsup: