New MagKnits up

The 1st issue of the new year! Here

I like Evangeline =)

Oooooh yes! Thanks for the heads-up :woot:
I wish they had a new sock for me to try, but I do like the Evangeline as well!

Likewise, if I have my way I’ll be wearing those by next weekend.

I like Lucy minus the earflaps and the nipple :teehee: Although the earflaps are kind of cute. And it is knit with Malabrigo! :drool: The designer has some amazing hats. Very unique and different - check her out on Ravelry if you like that sort of thing.

Thanks for posting this… I was wondering when the new issue would be ready. WOO HOO… I like those fingerless gloves best too.

If I was a ‘hat person’… I’d like the earflap hat too.

Seeing as how I had a horrific experience with the blanket I was making last night, I’m all over the mistake rib entrelac baby blanket. As soon as I get the money for the yarn, I’m casting on. I’m determined to make this baby a blanket (and frogging an entire blankie when it was 3/4 of the way done was traumatic).

Oh, thank you!! Those Evangeline are perfect - I’ve been wanting to try cables AND do fingerless gloves!

Thanks for letting us know!
I’ve already printed out the Evangline pattern myself & am thrilled to do that. I love the picture with the LONG ones - they are beautiful! Now, to decide what color to make…