New look? or just my computer?

Has the look of the forums changed? They are too big for my screen now. I can’t get the whole screen showing and have to scoot over to see it all. :shrug:

:teehee: I was wondering the same thing… only way it looks like it did is in reply…

I don’t think they’ve changed…

It’s bigger on my screen too, I have to scroll across all of the time :shrug:

Looks the same to me :shrug:

Wider on my screen, too. :shrug:

It has been doing it to me since last night. There is a knitting help logo on both sides of the screen sometimes which has made the screen wider. :slight_smile:

Wider here, too! The scrolling is making my eyes :eyes:

Didn’t there used to be ads on the side? Maybe I’m imagining something. I really don’t like the “new” look. I can fit it all on my screen, but I have a wide screen. (Most windows I keep open and still see my icons on the desktop to the left.) I was getting a headache last night trying to read so far across. Weird.


It is weird that it looks the same for me :??

It’s wider on my screen too! Has anyone emailed Amy about it?

It looks exactly the same to me :shrug:

Looks normal to me. :shrug:

Oh, shoot. I just posted a separate thread about this. :oops: I bet the people whose screens it looks the same on have wider screens (17"+) while those who it’s showing up different for have smaller screens, like me. It doesn’t look different on my computers at work, which are bigger, but definitely have to scroll for my home computer (15").

What browser is everyone using? I use Firefox.

I was just wondering if it’s a browser related rendering problem. I also use Firefox.

I’m in Firefox too…and I do have a big monitor.

Actually the monitor size wouldn’t have anything to do with it. It looks exactly the same on my desktop PC with a large monitor as it does on my smaller laptop screen.

Well thats 3 of us so far with no problems who use Firefox.

I use IE exclusively at home. Problem here and small monitor. I often use IE at work and no problem there, big monitor. I can’t remember which browser I was using at work, though. I just opened up an old version of Mozilla here at home with small monitor and no problem there.