New Left Handed Knitter

Hi - I am a new to knitting (at least new to knitting anything other than a single color scarf!) and I am trying to move onto baby hats. I am a little confused as to what needles to use. When do I use circular needles vs. double pointed needles (I have only used straight needles)? What type of needles give me a seam? I am most confused to to do with the very tip top of the hat if I don’t want a point of anything sticking up…

I would really appreciate any help!

Thanks so much!

Circular needles are used to make seamless projects. When you have too few stitches to go around the circ you use double pointed needles. Most people who make hats start with a circ and move to DPNs after decreasing to the point that the stitches no longer fit.

Baby hats most often need to be done only on DPNs because they are so small. To make a nice rounded top you decrease till you only have about 8 stitches on the needles.

Knitting Pattern Central has tons of patterns for hats.

If you use straight needles you would need to seam a hat. If you want to make a hat on straights here’s a few patterns listed in this thread.

Thank you so much for your help. I recently tried using a 16" circular needle and it was difficult for me to use.

I think with the smaller hat I will just try using straight needles or DPN.