New Larger Size Denise Needles

[color=indigo]A major reason for my prefering Denise interchangeable needles is their sharper points. Just bopught their new US 17s & 19s and find that these have uncharacteristically blunt-ish points. Anyone have same impression?


Really…I was considering those. I have a nice pair of lion brand ones that I really like (except for the cord, main reason I would get the Denise ones so I have a more relaxed cord.). I love my denise needles because they are more tapered than several of my others.

Do you find them more difficult to knit with?


I can’t say that they are more difficult to knit with; it’s just that I prefer a very sharp point I seem to make fewer mistakes that way.


That’s interesting. Maybe they figured bulky yarns were better served by blunt needles because pointy tips would split the yarn. :shrug: I wonder if you could “sharpen” them with a file and/or sandpaper or something.

[color=indigo]They likely did choose the blunter tips. Yes, I think that the resin would respond to sharpening. I’ll give that a try and let you know.


Be careful! I’d hate to see them get ruined. :pout:

[color=indigo]I have a pair of Lion Brand US 35 straight needles. Their tips are sharper than those of the Denise US 17s. Not good news for Denise, methinks.


[color=indigo]As I think about it a bit, perhaps the reason I prefer sharp tips on larger needles, is cuz I do a lot of US 35 and 50 knitting with super-fine yarn. The technique is known as knitting human hair with sawed-off broomsticks. <g>

Lando[/color] :roflhard: