New Knitty

The new Knitty is up. Nice stuff, lots of variety! for those who haven’t seen these wonderful, free patterns.

Sheesh! What, are you sitting on that site? I haven’t even gotten the email notice yet!


I wish it had come earlier - lots of cute gifty (small, fast) stuff to make. Love this kind of stuff. Knitted watchband - excellent!


I just happened to stop by there, and there it was!

I must say Im LOVING the Chaos sweater!! If only they had written the pattern for adult sizes!

Been lurkin’ that site to see if there was a new one…
I love the teddy bear creature… might try that for my nephews… funky toys!
Great variety I agree! :thumbsup:

I’m loving lots of things…the pashmina purse is darling…love, love the yoga mat bag…of course, I can’t do yoga (dislocated hip very quickly :shock: ) and I MUST have some of the gauntlets…the socks…the scarves…all in all…most EXCELLENT Knitty :thumbsup:

OMG! Those pocket creatures are too funny and cute!


Such yumminess! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

I really liked Chaos too Kelly. I do have a little one on the way maybe I will make it. I also really liked the socks and Marley was kind of neat in an odd sort of way.


I never got the email either, but I happened to stop by. I really like that tubey sweater! Darn warm climate.

I second Mer - that tube sweater is too cool. Hmm, maybe that could be my post-gazillion-Christmas-gifts project. Oh, and the little jeans, too cute!



i didn’t really see anything there that i just can’t live without

Sounds like a good challenge. Try modifying it for an adult. I dare you. :cheering:

I really like the chaos sweater too… I have to look at the measurments to see if it would fit my 2yr old… :thinking:

Did you see the Real Stocking hat? LOL.
Cute idea.

MAN! I was just there YESTERDAY looking, going “damn, fall is like OVER people where’s the new one!!!” I’m loving the bristow sweater, but i HATE that spikey scarf thingy. Ack.

First thing I’m gonna do is the Mrs. Beeton!

Femmy…sweetie…you dont understand.

Here’s me: :mrgreen:

Here’s math: :frowning:

Ah, Math…
KK, I was the pesky kid that couldn’t understand why oh why… if I got the same correct answer as everyone else in algebra, does it make ANY darned differnce that I got there in 3 steps or 6?
Same with geometry. I hated proofs. :thumbsup:

Kelly, I challenge you to join me in making the Skacel ad sweater then! The pattern comes in one size only, 35"!!! :roflhard:

I’m not too bad in math, but I’m not so good in altering my knitting yet… we’ll see how I do! :XX: