New knitty

the new knitty (spring 05) is up! there looks to be some good patterns for a variety of skill levels.

I think ill be knitting “branching out”, it looks like a lace pattern i can do easily even while at school :). It would be a good intro to someone whos never doen lace before.

I have to learn to knit better! I think the Xback tank is cute. I Do is completely out of the question (as far as my skills go) but it is bee-yoo-tiful. And I loved the Plethora of Flowers, too, we needed more patterns for those.

I thought it was definitely a fresh, fun change…I was getting a little tired of seeing so many cardigans and sweaters elsewhere.

So do I!! One day though, I will be able to do pretty stuff like that aswell decided

It was great to look a nice summery stuff; thanks for sharing the update :slight_smile:

YAY!!! :happydance:
Knitty’s so kewl! :thumbsup:

My first lace project was the “Cozy” from knitty, and it was so much fun! Good luck with your leaf scarf.

Oh, and SQUEEEEEE!!! I am so excited that there is a new knitty!

Oh, I love the new knitty. I’d really like to knit the soleil tank top ( ), but I’m not really at the “piquant” level. Do you all think the lace at the bottom is what kicks it up to that level? I might play around with some lace and then try it.

At the bottom of the description of that tank it says “This top is designed for zero or negative ease.” ??? Does that mean it is designed to fit snugly/be stretched when sized correctly, as opposed to having some looseness (is that a word?)? In other words, most knitted hats would be “zero or negative ease”?

Knitty is really quite cool!

I think you’re correct that it is designed to fit close to the body. I’ve seen some good explanations of “ease” and how to choose the right size to knit in several books. I don’t think I can explain it myself. I just found a knitty article about “fit” that explains “ease:” . Scroll about 1/3 down the page. Hope this helps. :sunglasses: And, I agree with you; knitty is so cool.

Thanks, gardenia, that is an excellent article and it certainly answers my question.