New knitty gritty?

I’m not sure if someone has posted this or not yet, sorry if they have. It looks like they’re going to stay playing series 400 (fourth season? I dunno how they list 'em). Here’s the link, it looks like they stay in July.

yippee!!! It’s about time…I’ve been waiting, and waiting…and waiting for the new shows to begin…I will set my DVR :smiley:

I wish I had DIY!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I wish I had a dvr, but I’m glad I can record 'em. Got all of, thankfully before the new ones started.

It is about time!! :cheering: :cheering: I really love the show but I know all these repeat shows by :blush: heart!!! Will be wonderful to see the new shows. :happydance:

I’ve seen most of the old ones twice too! I have the DVR set so I don’t miss it, but I’m getting tired of deleting.

I had a Season Pass, too, but cancelled it 'cause they were all the same!

Me, too. I try to remember to scan upcoming episodes to make sure there isn’t one I missed, but I’d rather be able to set a Season Pass back up.