New knitting

needle and it probably not new
dutch knitting pen
topic found on raverly
cant seem to get any info on it
anyone know anything about this needle

I’ve never heard of a dutch knitting pen nor can I see any info on Google. What makes it different than any other needle? A small picture would help.

I’ve never hear of a dutch knitting pen so I’m not much help. Could you post a picture?

Maybe someone will recognize it. Or maybe it goes by another name here is the US.

They’re talking about it in this thread on Ravelry. I haven’t looked in because the post count got way out of hand very fast.

I asked my mother in law who is from Holland and she said that the Dutch call them knitting PINS not needles. She used to knit when she was a girl. I’m going to convince her to take it back up so I have a knitting partner :wink:

They’re sometimes called Pins in the UK too and other countries; when I look on for metric needles, a lot of the listings call them this.

That was interesting. I still can’t figure out how you use it though.

One thing I love about knitting, there is always so new thing to learn. Or new technique to try. I keep a stack of interesting ideas to try out. And when I’m bored with what I’m working on. Or between projects, I pull it out & jump into untried territory.

another neat one is TUNISIAN CROCHET
more a cousin to knitting then the typical crochet.

I think you use it like a crochet hook, but with a different technique. There’s a ravelry group called ‘slip stitch crochet’ where you slip stitch instead of sc/dc and the effect can be like knitting. It’s also called ‘bosnian crochet’. The results look similar to this ‘knit pen’ thing, and btw, I found out ‘pen’ is a Dutch word for ‘needle’

looks like we are all in the same place
i dont know either but i am curious so i will keep looking