New knitting show in DIY

I’m sure some of you already know about this and may have even seen this show before. It’s called “Knit One, Purl Two” and it starts on DIY today. I have my DVR set to record. I hope it’s good!


Thanks for the reminder, I need to set up my DVR too!

Cool! Thanks for the tip.

One more show that the kids will make fun of me watching. :teehee:

I totally forgot about this show…I think it’s been off the air for a while. I have to check the diy site to see if they’re new episodes!

It’s not a new show. It’s been around a while. I never thought I would dislike a knitting show, but this one is sooooo boring. :wall:

One more show that the kids will make fun of me watching.

haha i was watching knitty gritty the other day and my roommates walked in. “WHAT are you watching???” i’m like “duh, a knitting show, what else would i be watching?” :roflhard: they think i’m a weirdo.

hey does anyone know if this show will be on hgtv also?

Thanks for mentioning this! I’ve seen it before as there are only about 5 episodes and the DIY website doesn’t have any new ones listed. I have to agree w/Silver that it wasn’t all that interesting… That said, they did a Fan & Feather Baby Blanket that I reallly liked and have been planning to do for my sister’s baby, so I’ll be sure to DVR that episode!

Don’t feel bad, I’ve thought the same thing about some of those Knitty Gritty episodes. :roll:

Interestingly enough, that’s the one episode that really caught my attention too. That blanket was just gorgeous.

My boys make fun of me too! I PVR all the KG shows and K1P2 for this week. Its been on before and I did find it kinda boring. But knitting is knitting!

My husband makes fun of me and Knitty Gritty too. I’m usually watching it taped in bed while I’m massaging his temples at bedtime. He laughs when he hears her say the show name, or “knit on”, or use adjectives like “hot”, “sexy” or “awesome” to describe the project.

He REALLY laughed when he saw the lingerie show. It wasn’t his idea of sexy lingerie. :heart: LOL! :roflhard:

He doesn’t like me watching KG while I’m giving a massage, says I don’t do it nearly as well as if I’m watching an X-Files episode. :shrug: I can’t imagine why!

What I really like about the shows are the tips the guests provide. For me, it’s not so much about the specific projects as the things I have either read about here or read in a pattern but just didn’t “get” beforehand.

BTW, KG is pretty hokey, at times. I cringe every time I hear the word “Knitsters.” :ick:

Best tip I saw on KG was the needle size on your swatch – when doing the first couple rows of a swatch, do spaced YO equal to your needle size – e.g. size 7, do 7 spaced out YOs. That way you instantly know what needle size your swatch was done in.

I agree!!!

I mute it before she can say “Are you ready to get down to the knitty gritty of knitting xyz?” Ugh. For some reason, THAT annoys me.

I don’t get DIY :pout: I think HGTV should have a knitting show!!

Feel blessed, I have none! :pout: My mom tapes KG for me. But I must say I don’t miss the shows, I get much more from this board! :muah:

Knitty Gritty is on HGTV at 7 am EST.

I’ve never seen any knitting shows before. I guess they just don’t have them here :verysad:

That one irritates me too. KG can get pretty goofy, but it’s a lot more entertaining than Knit One, Purl Two. snore Edith is a total bore as a host and her guests act so stupid sometimes. :doh: The ONLY redeeming quality is that she has knitting celebrities on sometimes.