New knitting recipient

My brother called yesterday and asked my dd what she thought of having a new cousin. My little girl very seriously said “As long as doesn’t speak just French…” LOL.

So that is how I found out that my SIL is pregnant with their first child! Thankfully, they both said that I would have to get busy knitting, so I know that anything I make will be well received and appreciated.

DD is still a bit worried about the speaking French part, but I told her she would have plenty of time before the baby can talk to teach it English LOL

Congratulations to you and your brother and SIL!

Have fun knitting baby things. Have you made a Baby Surprise Jacket yet? It’s my fave go to pattern when I need a baby gift to give.

No, I haven’t knit any baby things yet, except for a very basic blanket for my dd. Of course, this was before I really started knitting, so it’s full of mistakes. Plus, she was about 2 yrs old!

Any and all suggestions will be welcome as to fave patterns and such.

Ooo fun! Congratulations!

These two are available in a few of EZ’s books or here.
Baby Surprise Jacket
Baby Surplice Jacket

Here’s a few I’ve either made or have in my favorites.
Seamless Yoked Sweater
Top Down Raglan Sweater
Ribbed Baby Jacket
Angel’s Nest Bunting
One Strand Booties