New knitting books-Pattern Selected!

Okay…a magazine and a book–the book is Friday Night Knitting Club and the magazine…the new INTERWEAVE! YIPPIE!

When I checked out the new interweave online I immediately noticed thePetunia Tote and loved it–I also think my sil would love it and her birthday is coming up soon. I’m thinking of starting a KAL for this bag so if you’re interested…stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled over on the KAL page!!!

Cristy - that tote is CUTE!

p.s. love your picture on your website…

you should join me in knitting it… :shrug: :slight_smile:

Thanks–the picture is actually 2 years old but not that far off from how I really look (well, except that I’m carrying around a bit of baby weight right now…). One of these days I’m going to update my avatar pic and my website pic. My website is still under construction as it’s part of a leadership add-on certification that I’m working on through the University of Georgia.