New knitting book for men

who’d a thunk?

That looks really good - I hope somebody does a review soon!

That’s pretty cool. I taught two of my daycare boys to knit. One of them got really into it and I wanted to buy him a kids knitting book, but all the ones I found were geared towards girls. I finally ended up getting him one on teaching a group of kids to knit, since there were boys in the book and projects that were for boys and girls.

Ooooh, that is awesome!

I hope it’s got some good patterns. :pray:

The title is cracking me up. :smiley:

… I went to Amazon and they say it won’t be published til October 16th.

Me too :lol:
I think I’m definitely getting this one when it comes out :rofling:

Oh I just LOVE that title!!! :cheering: :thumbsup: