New knitters needs help

:?? good evening to fellow knitting night owls. im a new knitter. am attempting to knit baby sweater for first grandchild due in june.

instructions for sleeve read after knitting in garter stitch for 3 inches, begin increasing 1 st each side every 8th row until there are 34 inches
please help, i dont understand what this means.

Hi! I’m new to knitting, too, but have been crocheting for years so I think I know how to help you. I still haven’t gotten brave enough to knit anything more complicated than a hat, so kudos to you for making a sweater. Anyway, increasing means adding a stitch so that your sleave will get bigger. Watch the increase videos under basic techniques on this website to decide which increase you want to try. Then do one increase on each end of the row every eighth row. So you will be adding two stitches every eighth row. Does this make sense?

Yup, that sounds about right.

So you knit with garter stitch, which is knitting every row until you have 3 inches of sleeve hanging off your needle. Then increase at both the beginning and end of the row. After increasing, knit seven more rows and increase again on the next one. Just keep doing this, increasing one row, knitting seven rows, increasing one row, etc. until you have 34 inches of sleeve hanging off your needles and you are done!

Good luck!
Rebecca xxx

Bingo! That’s the concept exactly.

And note that some increases leave tiny holes that can be decorative,
while others are pretty much invisible. The increase video shows the differences and you can choose whichever will look best with your sweaer design.

Congratulations on the new grandbaby-to-be!