New Knitter

I’m trying to teach myself to knit. I can’t figure out what to do with the tail after casting on several stitches! Can anyone help me? Would anyone in the Palm Beach, Florida area like to get together and make a knitting group? Thanks :thinking:

1st question (what to do with your cast on tail)
hare are a few options:

option 1: Knit your first stitch, then pick up the tail along with your knitting yarn and knit 3 stitches with both pieces of yarn. Then drop the tail yarn and continue to knit with the normal yarn. Later – when you’re done with the piece you can chop off the tail yarn and it won’t unravel because you’ve knit it together.

option 2: Just leave the tail and use it to sew a seam (assuming you have a seam to sew on the side of the knitting that the tail is on.

option 3: Weave the tail yarn into the piece after you’re done

2nd question (how to find a knitting group)
I found a knitting group in my area on
check to see if any groups are near you: All Knitting Meetup Groups

Thanks for the help. I tried your idea. I actually found the meet up website yesterday. There’s a group on there in my area but, they get together about an hour away. I want to try to find something closer. Thank You. The whole tail thing was killing me! :notworthy:

Wow, JessicaSant that’s a great site! I’d never heard of meetup before! Way cool!

JupiterJessica, you can also look for a group at
Good luck!