New knitter

Hi I’m a new knitter and working on an island whilst the sea is storming away !
I can’t nip to see anyone and have explanations so this forum is great.
I am making my first so called ‘simple’ jumper I’ve previously made a blanket from squares and lots of scarves:)It’s a raglan cardigan and sweater4268 called easy knit. Feeling a bit worried now as have stalled on row 8 well row 10 as have done three more rows of rib than was supposed to.
First bit is Rib 2 (6) so is that k2 P2 x6 or k1 P1 6 times?
Then it’s rib 2tog going to look up !
Then it’s rib5 (6) so assume k1 P1 x5 then it’s rib2 tog 15 times then rib 2. (5 ) so hoping going to get an answer:)

Welcome to KH!
It looks like the sweater comes in multiple sizes. Usually directions to rib 2 (6) are directions for different sizes.
This looks like a K1P1 rib so directions to “rib 2” would mean work 2sts in the rib pattern or K1P1. “Rib 5” would be K1,P1,K1,P1,K1.
“Rib 2 together” means to knit 2 together or purl 2 together depending on the sts on your needle.
Can you give us the directions for the entire row 8 and also the number of sts on the needle?

Hi I posted a garbled message yesterday where I was asking help because I’m making a jumper for the first time and I was asked if I could give the full instructions( which puzzle me!)
Here we go, 8th row Rib2[8:6:4:9],rib2 tog,(rib5[5:6:7:7,rib2tog)15 times,rib2[8:5:4:9]. 95[107:117:139]sts
I’m knitting size36/38 so I think it’s the 2nd number in the brackets that applies I’ve 6 ,6,5 and 117 stitches. As I’ve already cast on 133 that means I’m decreasing. I’m in a particular muddle over the fifteen times bit.
Hope I don’t appear incredibly stupid and thanks for all your advice:)

It’s all part of reading patterns. We’ve all had similar questions before so you’re in good company.

8th row: Rib6,rib2 tog,(rib6,rib2tog)15 times,rib5. 117sts

Start the row by ribbing 6sts, then rib 2tog. Next rib6, rib 2tog and repeat this sequence of sts 15 times total. So rib6, rib2tog, rib6, rib2tog, rib6, rib2tog etc. Finish the row with rib5sts.

This is likely to space out decreases from the rib pattern to the main body of the sweater. If so, it’s not so critical that the numbers be perfect, simple get in the decrease of 16sts across the row.

Thankyou so much this is so helpful!