New knitter!

any tips?

Theere are lots of tips and advice here. The videos at the top of the page under the Free Videos tab are very helpful. And practice: relax, practice and enjoy knitting.

Start simple. I wanted to rush right into cables and complicated patterns and things shortly after learning to knit and purl. I got some things right but mostly I was really frustrated a lot. Start with something small and simple and add one new element or skill at a time. You’ll find this will build your knowledge and confidence at the same time!

Knit and purl. Making the sts is the only way I know to work on getting your tension even, probably the most important thing in getting your knitting to look like you want it to, and for learning to recognize mistakes. I think starting with some cotton yarn and making a dish cloth or wash cloth where a few mistakes don’t really matter is a good way to start. Don’t despair over making mistakes, that’s how we learn, and even the most experienced knitters here might admit to making them now and then. I’m not that experienced and spend a lot of time fixing mistakes.

My friend taught me to knit.
She got me started on a simple KNIT scarf.
Once I was done with that, she showed me to PURL, and had me do anothe scarf in seed stitch (Knit 1, purl 1).

I then saw a pattern with cables. I fell in love with it and tried it on my own. It looked so wrong to me. I asked my friend for help. It turns out I was doing it right.

So my best advice is , PRACTICE PRACTICE and them PRACTICE some more :slight_smile: