New Knitter!

:hair: :help: I am new to knitting and am having problems understanding my pattern. Can anyone please help!

It reads: P4 [2:4:6:3:5], P2tog, (p4[5:4:4:5:5], p2tog) 9 [9:9:11:11:11] times, p3 [2:4:5:3:5] 53 [59:63:67:73:77] sts.

I understand the first part (I think) - I am on the 1st size inside bracket - so I think it is P2, then P2tog x 5, then p2tog x 9, then p3.
Then I get confused - I have only used 32 stitches so far (according to my calculations!!). I started off casting on 69 stitches with 1st row K1, p1, k1, then 2nd row P1, k1, p1. These 2 rows are now referred to as 1x1 rib. Then work 1 more row in 1x1 rib.
Then it goes on to the above P4 etc. I don’t know how I am supposed to end up with 59 stitches when I have only worked through 32!! Please help and I hope you understand what I have written.

Also, the 1x1 rib which is referred to as the 1st 2 rows - if I only have to do 1 more row, how does that work? Do I have to do 2 more rows of 1x1 rib for 1 row!! Help!

You’re not quite reading it right, there’s no p2tog 5 times but you do p5, p2tog 9 times. Your size would be -

p2, p2tog, (p5, p2 tog) 9 times, end with p2. That decreases 10 sts so when you start with 69 sts you would end up with 59.

To do another row of 1x1 rib, you just do one row, otherwise it would have said do 2 rows. A row is one trip across the needles, even if it’s a 2 or 4 or 6 row pattern.

:slight_smile: Great, thank you so much Sue.

It makes sense now!