New knitter

Hi, I just learned how to knit, well working on it and just started my first project…a scarf. I Casted on (still trying to remember the abbrivations) 20 and now I have about 40 on my needle? How is it that I ended up with so many more than what I started with. Also, I find that I am easily dropping stiches as well as somehow they are getting twisted. How do I fix it or what am I doing wrong?

Look at this thread on how stitches get added. Usually it’s at the beginning of a row and the yarn is up over the top of the needle. This pulls up the end st and makes it look like 2 stitches. So hold the yarn a bit out to the side so you can see the leg to knit into for that stitch.

Not dropping sts comes with practice I guess, or maybe you’re letting go of the right needle to wrap the yarn and it’s sliding out of the stitches. When/if you let go, hold the tip with the thumb and index finger of your left hand to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere.

Thank you for replying to me and showing me that other thread! I’m glad I’m not the only one that was adding stiches! I’m going to slow down and watch what I’m doing, I think that is one of my main issues, I get so excited that I’m doing it I go to fast!!!
Thanks again!