New Knitter

I was looking on google for knitting sights and found you. This looks like just what I was searching for. I have crocheted for years but always wanted to knit. I bought a how to book but got stuck with questions not covered. I have already gotten the answers to 2 questions just readng what was here. I’m looking forward tolearning even more and hopefully one day contributing some tips too. Katie

Hi Katie and welcome to Knitting Help!!

We’ve got videos here to help you and forums dedicated to various topics. Take a look around and if you have any questions just ask! :thumbsup:

:happydance: Welcome to KH!

Welcome! I’m pretty new too, and KH has some great videos. They’ve solved a ton of mysteries for me as well. The forums here are great with lots of experienced knitters who are willing to help when you run into something you just can’t get your head around, too. Looking forward to chatting with you!

Hi Katie, and welcome! Since you already understand yarn, and how to make it into cloth, some of the mysteries and problems a lot of newbies (me!) face should be easier to understand.

There are no dumb questions! C’mon in and ask all you want! One of the nice things is that this forum is really active, so you never have long before someone comes in and helps you out.

Hi Katie! This Knitting Help was the first place I came to that actually helped me learn how to knit, this place is a wealth of information. I have put down my needles for about a year and I’m getting back to my favorite hobby and I am still finding this site so extremely helpful. Never hesitate to ask a thing :smiley:

Welcome to knitting and KH!! This truly is the best place to be. I have learned SO MUCH from these wonderful people!