New knitter!

I know there are some good videos and reference material here, but I’m planning on knitting during long car trips. Can anyone recommend a good knitting book with good pictures or are there a set of good pictures on a website that I can print out?


This might be one to consider. :thumbsup:

I was TOTALLY gonna recommend that one too, janelanespaintbrush. I have that book and just :heart: it so much. The instructions are very clear and the pictures are helpful. I used it to do my first cables the other day.

The Knitter’s Bible is one of my favorites. It cover all of the basics, from casting on/off, knit, purl, increase/decrease, cables, lace, etc., has a good stitch library and a selection of nice original patterns. It has really good illustrations of the techniques, and nicely taken photos of the projects. Highly recommend it! :thumbsup:

Thank you so much! I think both are available in the bookstore near me so I will definitely have a look. Do either of them go into things like using round needles and good illustrations for the more complex stitches?

I only have the Knitter’s Bible…it goes into a lot of detail and is very informative!