New knitter yarn?

Hi, I am starting my very first knitting project and I think I may have purchased the wrong yarn. I purchased yarn by Hometown USA Superbulky 6. It seams like it is a bit tough to work with. Should I have started with one that is not quite so thick? Thanks for any help or suggestions you may have.

What size needle are you using with it? You would need to use very large needles with that…probably a 13-15.

Generally I suggest a smooth, light colored, worsted weight yarn and size US 8 needles for new knitters. The worsted weight yarn will probably have a 4 on the label.

You can learn on the heavier yarn, but make sure you are using the right size needles so it won’t feel so stiff.

Yes, it’s a very thick yarn and will work if you have big needles. If you’re trying to use a size 8 with it, the sts will be tight and hard to knit into. Either get size 15s or a thinner yarn and you can use it in another project.

Thank you for the advice. I bought size 10 needles, so I am going to get new needles and some thinner yarn.

We said to get either/or, not both; the size 10s will work okay with thinner yarn, a number ‘4’ medium. The sts may be a little loose, but that’s okay for now, it will make doing stitches easier.

If you look at the ball band (the wrapper that comes on a skein of yarn), it will suggest a needle size for that particular yarn. Depending on the way you knit, you may use a slightly larger or smaller size needle. But it is a good place to start when picking a needle size.

I would also recommend making sure your yarn/needles sizes “match” each other. You could either return the yarn and get thinner yarn OR return the needles and get size 15 or 17. It all depends on what you want to make.