New knitter with some questions

Hello all,

I am learning how to knit from this site…but I am the kind of person that needs inspiration when I’m beginning a project…so I have a picture here… That is the address to a kate moss picture site, the link will take you to a page with some some pics of her, two of which she is wearing a scarf. I am curious as to what kind of pattern, or stitch this is and also what kind of yarn was most likely used?? I want to knit a scarf similar to this. Any advice would help…feel free to email me, also, i went to a knitting class, didn’t find it very helpful, but the recommended me getting a size 9 bamboo circular needles? I find the bamboo is kind of stiff to work with as far as the knit doesn’t move very smoothly on it…should I just go ahead and get regular metal needles? Thanks hope to hear from someone soon. If there are any knitters here from MI let me know! K.

Welcome to!!

Kate’s scarf looks like a basic garter stitch scarf, in which you’ll knit every row until the length desired. Also looks like a bulky or heavy worsted weight wool yarn, probably knit on 13s or 15s. Here are a bunch of yarns you can choose from. I’m just guessing but I’d say cast on 15 stitches or so and knit, knit, knit. This would be a great beginner’s project!

Once you pick the yarn you want to use, come back and I can tell you exactly what size needle and how many stitches to cast on.

Welcome!! Good luck on your first project :cheering:

Looking at the pic, it looks like 2 strands of worsted weight held together and knit garter stitch on size 15 needles. Probably 15 stitches wide but no more than 18. Have fun with it!

Also, if you don’t like bamboo, by all means go to metal. I prefer metal, as do many knitters–much slicker.