New knitter with no skills in pattern reading :/

Hey guys and gals,
I’m a very new knitter and have a problem trying to follow a pattern for adult mittens. Please is there anyone that can help me?
I’ve attached a photo of the free pattern I got from another site and I’m up to where the pattern says:
Next row (rs): k15 and turn <- after that I’m stuck
I’m using 3ply Life super chunky by stylecraft and size 10 needles if that helps.
I want to start doing bigger projects but have no knitters in my small circle of friends, family or neighbors so I found all of you.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Reading patterns is the best way to learn. We’ll all be happy to help.
Knit 15sts and then switch the needles in your hands (right needle to the left hand and left needle to the right hand). Cast on 5sts using a knit or cable cast on. This tutorial gives the idea of what that looks like for the cable cast on.
Once you’ve cast on the 5 new sts, purl across those same 5sts and then purl 5 more sts from the left needle.
These 10sts form the thumb. Work 6 rows on these sts.

Please can someone tell me how I can work the pattern attached but reversing all shaping.
This site has helped me so much with my knitting and I want to thank everyone for that. :grphug:

Love Zoe

Be happy to help. Which size are you making?
In general, the cast off for the armhole can be done at the beginning of the wrong side row. The decreases for the neck are done at the beginning of the right side row, 2sts in from the edge.

I’m doing the first size, which is 3 months. I always try a pattern at the first size just to get the hand of it and what I’m doing right and wrong.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have a table top sale soon and I want to finish it before then.